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Our mission is creating women leaders in AI.

Founded by Erica Lee in 2018.

AI Careers

January 22, 2020

UCSD Basement

Come join us for a panel to hear the various career paths of women of AI who are founders, executives, engineers, and more.


Sponsored by UCSD & AAUW

Women in AI. Diversity is a critical driver of innovation, but what happens when diversity is missing in high growth markets like AI & Machine Learning?

In 2018, women represented only 22% of the number of AI professionals globally, according to a 2018 World Economic Forum's report on global gender gaps.

Hear from Women in AI who are leading research, engineering, product and more in this field. They come from a local nonprofit — WomenOfAI.org — and top AI companies such as Apple, Amazon, Accel Robotics, Shield.AI and BD.com.


ERICA LEE - Former Sr. Technical Manager of AI, Apple; Founder & Executive Director, WomenOfAI.org

Erica Lee is an AI Entrepreneur and Product Manager. She is the Founder & Executive Director of WomenOfAI.org, a nonprofit supporting women’s career success in AI. Previously, Erica was a Sr. Technical Product Manager at Apple AI, where she built AI for Siri, FaceID & iCloud. Erica was the founder of an AI image recognition startup & ecommerce automation startup. She studied at MIT, Johns Hopkins & Singularity University under Google AI Executive, Ray Kurzweil. Erica is the winner of TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon in 2017 & has been featured in Forbes, NYT, MSNBC and more.

FUXIAO XIN - AI Research Scientist, Amazon

Fuxiao Xin is an Applied Scientist on the AWS AI team at Amazon working on document understanding. Before her Amazon experience, she gained her bachelor’s degree from Peking University in China and PhD from Indiana University Bloomington working on statistics, computational biology and applied machine learning. Upon graduation, she worked at General Electric Global Research Center as a lead machine learning research scientist for 6 years, where the focus was to solve industrial machine learning problems mostly with multivariate time series data. She also worked at Intuit for a year as a staff data scientist trying to improve user experience for TurboTax products.

MARIA LUPETINI - Senior Manager of Data Science, BD (Becton Dickinson and Company)

Maria Lupetini is a leader in developing enterprise data science solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics and mathematical optimization. Her career includes being a founder, senior management, and hands-on practitioner at InfoMaker Inc., Qualcomm and BD. She was awarded an MS in Operations Research from the University of Minnesota, and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

CONNIE SUN - Senior Engineer - AI Planning & Controls, Shield.AI

Connie Sun is a Senior Engineer at Shield AI, an artificial intelligence company serving the national security sector. At Shield AI, Connie is part of the artificial intelligence team focused on planning and controls. Prior to joining Shield AI, Connie worked on 6DOF simulation, control data analysis, and mission validation for the Global Hawk and Triton UAVs at Northrop Grumman. She has experience from Orbital ATK performing system failure analysis on the Space Launch System thrust vector control system. She also worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory evaluating potential landing sites for a Mars rover and co-authored three publications while at JPL. She graduated with her Master's in Aerospace Engineering from Purdue and her BSME from Caltech.

KAYLEE FEIGUM - Technical Project Lead, Accel Robotics

Kaylee Feigum is a Technical Project Lead at Accel Robotics. She previously worked on the algorithms team developing computer vision methods for AR's first cashierless store prototypes. She now leads the deployment team, working to set up AR's technology for retail customers. Kaylee received her bachelor's and master's degrees from UCSD in aerospace and mechanical engineering.


SHAUNA RUYLE - VP Partnerships & Community, WomenOfAI.org

Shauna Ruyle is the Director Channel Success, for SaaSMAX Corp., VP Partnerships & Community for WomenofAI.org, and VP Public Policy for AAUW San Diego. She is a B2B enterprise tech professional in business development, field sales, partner management, marketing programs and sales enablement for high growth startups to global brands such as Microsoft, TD Ameritrade, Lenovo. She received her MBA from CSU San Marcos.

AI Ethics & Privacy

December 4, 2019

Amazon San Diego

Come join us for a keynote & panel to hear the different techniques used in algorithm fairness, reducing bias in machine learning and more.


Sponsored by Amazon & AAUW

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ANDREW ZALDIVAR - Senior Dev. Advocate, Google AI

ERICA LEE - Founder, WomenOfAI.org; Former Apple AI

SAMIR SINGH - General Counsel, Accel Robotics

ANN GREENBERG - Founder & CEO, Entertainment.ai


AI Chatbots

July 27, 2019

Amazon San Diego

Come join us for a hackathon workshop toward how to build AI chatbot applications on AWS.


Sponsored by Amazon, Netflix, ThingLogix, AAUW, Women Who Code, Girls in Tech, LatinaGeeks, We The Plug, SaaSMAX, gNIS, WeConnectTheDots, TechSavvyWomen, RaneMaker Institute

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ERICA LEE - Founder, WomenOfAI.org

JJ DIGERONIMO - President, TechSavvyWomen

BRIDGET KIMBALL - Athena Board Member, VP and Chief Architect, Consumer at Intuit

SHANNON MAAS - Senior Software Engineer at Netflix

FEYZI FATEHI - Chairman and CEO of Corent Technology

LUIS MARTINEZ - MSOL, Director Startup Grind San Diego

VANESSA MIRANDA - VP LatinaGeeks San Diego, VP Girls in Tech San Diego

FRANKY FUENTES, PH.D - Data Driven Diversity & Inclusion Scholar

CHRISTIANA RUSSEL - Panel Moderator, M.Ed, Founding Member at San Diego Tech Hub

SAM RASTOVICH - ThingLogix, AWS Partner