About Women of AI

Our mission is creating women leaders in AI.


Erica Lee

Founder & CEO

Erica Lee is a Tech Entrepreneur and Product Manager in AI. At WomenOfAI.org, she leads partnerships & project management. Erica has worked as a Senior Manager at Apple, founded as CEO several tech startups, and founded the nonprofit XPRIZE SD branch. She studied at MIT & Johns Hopkins.

Yael Pe'er

VP, Marketing

Yael Pe'er is a Growth Marketing Expert working with startups—from seed to Series B—on growing their user bases and businesses. At WomenOfAI.org, she leads Marketing. Yael is the Marketing Director at Squareloot and has worked at IronSource and ClickTale.

Cindy Yu

VP, Engineering

Cindy Yu is a Software Engineer in Ecosystem Automations at Teradata. At WomenOfAI.org, she leads the engineering efforts. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Data Science from UCSD. She is fascinated by the progression of AI and the impact it will have on our society.


Priyanka Makhijani

Ambassador, SF

Priyanka Makhijani is an Ambassador at WomenOfAI.org where she leads events in the SF Bay Area. Priyanka is an ML Engineer at a stealth startup in the Bay. Priyanka has worked as a Deep Learning Engineer at Siemens Healthineers USA. She has a Masters in Computer Science from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

Christina Warren

Ambassador, Boston

Christina Warren is a CS Student at MIT and a full stack engineer. At WomenOfAI.org, she is an Ambassador at WomenOfAI.org in the Boston area. She has worked as a software engineer at Cadence, technical writer at Cloudera, & researcher at UCSF. She's passionate about the future of AI and how it can help humanity.

Hayde Martinez

Ambassador, Mexico

Hayde Martinez is a Data Engineer at Brightcove. Hayde has a graduate degree in Artificial Intelligence from the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan, as a JICA scholar. Hayde is currently teaching and managing a Data Science course, and providing training and consultancy services for various companies, universities, and government in her region.

Nour Zabaneh

Ambassador, SD

Nour Zabaneh is an Ambassador at WomenOfAI.org where she leads events in the SD Area. Nour is a entrepreneur at SDSU. At WomenOfAI.org, she facilitates AI education to the Universities in the San Diego area. Nour has worked on AI in natural language processing at Inbenta.

Olayide Olumeko

Ambassador, Nigeria

Olayide Olumeko is an Ambassador at WomenOfAI.org where he leads events in Nigeria. Olayide is the co-founder at Girls Code Initiative and a manager at The Startup Club. He studied at Lagos Business School.


Shauna Ruyle

Board Member

Shauna Ruyle is an Enterprise Tech Executive in Business Development. At WomenOfAI.org, Shauna leads partnerships & community events. She is the VP Public Policy at AAUW San Diego Branch and Director of Channel Success at SaaSMAX Corp. Previously, Shauna worked at Microsoft & TD Ameritrade, and founded SD Hackathon at CSU San Marcos.

Paula Bejarano

Board Member

Paula is a Business Development Manager & Author of "Autonomosity." At WomenOfAI.org, she leads operations & program management. Paula has worked at Tesla, Shell, NASA and more with roles ranging from engineer to project manager. Paula has an MBA from Georgetown & Masters in Science from Northeastern.


Matt Stepka


Matt Stepka is a Tech Executive and Venture Capitalist. At WomenOfAI.org, he advises the team. Matt is the Managing Partner of Machina Ventures, an AI investment firm. Matt has worked as a VP at Google, VP at Drugstore.com, and a manager at McKinsey & Co. He has a JD from UCLA and BS in CS from CWRU.